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Now it’s official : the PECCATI MORTALI, Italian Cult-band from the early 70’s, have decided to reclaim their place in the musical arena!. Rumours about this possible return had been spreading rapidly around the world when the original members of the band,

drummer Ale bass player Max
guitar player Fab and pianolist Mau
suddenly appeared on the popular CNM (Cable Network Music) Talk-Show "Larry Kong Live" and officially confirmed their reunion.

PECCATI MORTALI was one of the biggest Italian bands ever to hit the music scene, with well-known hits such as “Monica” and “Lizard’s Paradise”. They were active between 1971 and 1974, when the band all of a sudden, for reasons yet unknown, split up. Nobody ever really knew what had happend to them... until just yesterday.

The following is the full transcript of their interview on “LARRY KONG LIVE”

Larry: "So, guys, tell us everything about the incredible return of the PECCATI MORTALI! What happened to you between 1974 and now? How did this decision to re-unite the band come about?"

Max: "I am very happy to officially confirm that the PECCATI MORTALI are back indeed!"

Fab: "when we were in our 20s, our friendship and the desire to play in the PM band were stronger than everything else. But then, after we split up as a musical group, we all went our separate ways"

Ale: "Max was the only one who remained in Italy, where he became Director of the Banca di San Geminiano, San Prospero e San Frattamo. In addition to that, he got himself involved in charities, especially the ones dealing with helping "SUBnormal" people. Fab, instead, moved to the U.S.A., where he worked his way up to becoming one of California’s most famous plastic surgeons (he always loved to play with tits...). Mau went to Canada, hoping to make lots of money raising beavers. As for myself, after PM split up, I could not manage to find my way in life, so one day I decided to emigrate to Belgium and work in a coal-mine..."

Larry: "OK, that's how you got separated. Now, tell us how you got back in touch"

Mau: "Well, you know, life’s a bitch! I thought I was really going to become rich in Canada, but things there immediatly appeared much tougher then I had expected. Raising beavers is totally controlled by the IPRIMIEU (Italian Politicians Raising Intoxicated Mining Industries in the European Union), a Euro-Rumenian-French-Canadian mafia branch. If you don’t pay the right person, nobody will buy anything from you! Then, I thought about opening an Italian Restaurant in Thailand. But I just could not stand the funny way in which people there mis-pronounce the word "spaghetti". So, in the end, I just decided to go back to Italy and start my pitosforo plantation, which I called "Nelson Plantation", to contribute towards the reforestation of Ale's garden"

Max: "When I heard that Mau was back, I finally stopped feeling so lonely for being the only PM still living in Italy. So, Mau and myself started seeing each other again, but things just weren't right without the other two..."

Fab: "The feeling was mutual, we all missed each other. So, one day, I just decided to fly over to Belgium, with the idea of finding Ale, bringing him back to Rome and put the PM band back together. When I got there, though, suddenly I did not have the courage to put my plan into action. I realized I just could not see Ale, the happy-go-lucky clown of the group, working in a sad and dreary coal mine... So I flew back to the U.S. without contacting him at all".

Ale: "What an ASSHOLE! He promised to come visit me, but then ...nothing! And without even calling to say he couldn't come meet me! I really thought that was the end of our friendship. But then, months later, Fab wrote me a letter, asking me to forgive him: he signed it as: your no.1 Asshole Friend. In that letter, he also gave me his e-mail address, never thinking that, in the meantime, I as also connected to the Net and I had just started cybernetic contact with Mau and Max..."

Larry: "All right, You guys got in contact again thanks to the Internet. But that didn't necessarily mean getting back together as a band..."

Fab: "When Ale sent me his first e-mail, he also sent me Mau and Max’s e-mail addresses. So, I immediatly thought : here we go, now the PECCATI MORTALI can get back together in cyberspace!!!"

Max: "We started our e-mail correspondence and the exchange of messages between the four of us increased every single day"

Mau (with sarcasm): "I feared that this whole thing would, sooner or later, lead to ideas of getting the PM band back together and starting to play new music.... I just didn't think it would only take them a few months to do that!"

Larry: "Now, let's get to your long awaited new single: how did that come about?"

Ale: "I think it was Fab’s idea to compose PM’s new single in cyberspace. So we set a date and a time and ......BANG! Each of us sent an e-mail to the other three with one chord and some ideas for the words of the new tune"

Mau: "The result was terrible! We had come up with four chords that sounded like hell put together!! I really thought we’d never be able to come up with anything musically decent with chords like those"

Fab: "But, as usual, our deep trust in Mau’s musical ability payed off. After some time he sent us an e-mail saying that those funny chords seemed to have finally worked their way into something good"

Max: "In the meantime, I had come up with this demented rap-like text for the tune, all about PM’s reunion, with lots of references to our past crazy stories. So I sent it to the other three and waited for their comments. Finally, the text was fine tuned and complete, except for the riff, for which we seemed just not to be able to come up with anything good"

Fab: "But, still, things seemed ripe enough for us to finally meet and try to record the new tune. Also... in the meantime I started hearing these funny rumors about my three friends trying to hire former Beatle Paul Mc Cartney as my replacement in the band, with the excuse that I was undergoing a severe case of spaghetti-pesto addiction! So, I decided to push things fprward quickly by writing to Ale, Max and Mau, telling them that I would be in Rome on April 26th, 1997!"

Max: "Of all the possible dates he had to pick just the one that was really bad for me! You just don’t know what kind of a mess I had to go through to have that day off. I was really ashamed to let my charity for SUBnormals down, when it was me the organizer of a swimming-trip with them for the same day!"

Larry: "Now we get to the really exciting part: the PECCATI MORTALI making music again, after over twenty years!"

Mau: "Yeah, what I had feared most was now coming ever closer: having to play with them AGAIN!"

Ale: "I remember looking at the Alps while I was on the airplane on the way from Brussels to Rome and saying to myself: you must be nuts! Jumping on a plane just like that and flying to Italy to get back into the PM adventure after over twenty years! But then, when I got to Fiumicino airport and saw Max there, wearing a brand new PECCATI MORTALI T-shirt, I just said to myself : OK, LET’S DO IT!"

Fab: "We had decided to meet at 4:00 p.m.(!) at the Walrus Club. My heart was jumping up and down like crazy when I entered: that place had been such an important part of my past! Even though everything was different there at the Club (the only things left were the ping-pong table and the same old Walrus poster), it all just felt like home. Max and Ale were already putting up all the instruments. Mau got to the club a little later, with his big bike. Everything was ready: PM’s new tune was about to be played for the first time..."

Mau: "When I got to the Walrus Club, I capitulated. Even though I told myself I would NEVER play with the PECCATI MORTALI again, there I was, ready to take my place behind the keyboards, ready to listen to Max's screaming and murdering of his electric bass, ready for Fab’s out of tune (as)solos and for Ale’s unbelievable drum noise!"

Max: "When we rehersed the new tune, we realized that it was indeed something with potential. The only element still missing were the words for the riff: they just weren't coming! So we thougt we'd do like once upon a time: go out for pizza and beer..."

Larry: "So it wasn't that easy for the PM to make music together once again. How did you solve your problem with the missing lyrics in the end?"

Ale: "Well, after lots of pizzas and lots of beers we finally went to Mau’s own private recording studio, where we started recording our new single. When the musical base was completed, it was time to add the voices. There was more than one take when we all just broke up laughing halfway during Max’s part. It was almost impossible to avoid it! And it was just during one of those laugh-breaks that, all of a sudden, the missing elements came to us..."

Max: "Yeah, that’s how we finally found the words for the riff! It's all about the unfortunate Italian humanitarian mission to Albania, during which a warship got stuck in the sand just off of the Albanian coast. We really thought that was PERFECT, so we quickly finished recording our tune. It was almost three o’ clock at night when we finally crashed..."

"So", Larry Kong "Then, can I say that it's mainly thanks to cyberspace that the PECCATI MORTALI are now back together and that a new tune of theirs is born??"

"Yes!", the PM answered at once, "the SECOND ONE you said!!!"

According to rumours collected in London, PM’s new CD, "Cyber Rap", will be published jointly by Apple and Walrus Records and produced by former Beatle Paul Mc Cartney.

While a world tour of the band is due to begin shortly, copies of the new CD are being ordered every minute by record stores.

Due to popular demand, the Italian Government announced that the National Budget will be modified in order to finance PM’s World Tour with revenues coming from Social Security spending cuts”.

Immediatly following PM’s TV interview on CNM, huge screaming crowds of fans invaded the center of many Capital cities in the world, celebrating the return of the PECCATI MORTALI.

CNM News, Rome

To learn everything about "Cyber Rap",
by The Peccati Mortali,


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