Mau, Max, Ale & Fab hanging on the gate of the Walrus Club (1971)

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PECCATI MORTALI ("MORTAL SINS" in English) was a band active between 1970 and 1974. They used to play every weekend in a Club in Rome, Italy, called the "WALRUS CLUB" ("TRICHECO CLUB" in Italian). They composed and played their own music, as well as remakes of popular hits (amongst their usual favorites were: "A whiter shade of pale" by Procol Harum, "Something" by the Beatles and "Samba pa-ti" by Santana).

A tune of theirs became particularly famous. It was entitled "Monica", composed by bass player Max for a girl he was desperately in love with. But the tune that used to drive the WALRUS CLUB crowd just WILD (girls especially!) was PM’s version of “When the Saints go marchin’ in”, where Max’s way of holding the stage was somewhat of an anticipation of what John Belushi would have done years later with the "Blues Brothers".

Later on, the PM switched to jazz-rock music and appeared in several High School "Pop Festivals", playing instrumental tunes composed by keyboard player Mau "under the influence" of groups such as Emerson Lake & Palmer, Gentle Giant and Soft Machine.

The PECCATI MORTALI playing "live on the roof" in 1972
(From left to right : ALE on drums, FAB on guitar, MAU on keyboards and MAX on bass)

The band eventually split up in 1974. Mau was the only one to go on professionally with his musical career, joining some famous bands, playing as a session-man on various records and live tours and, finally, collaborating to a number of movie soundtracks. Ale Fab and Max, instead, went into different kinds of jobs. Only one of them (Max) still lives in Italy, while

Fab moved to the U.S.A.
Ale went to live in Belgium
and then Mau emigrated to Canada

Nobody really thought that the PECCATI MORTALI
would ever re-emerge from the deep sea of oblivion.

But... all of a sudden...

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